Professional Services  


Developing solutions for more than 20 years in international connexion.

Direct communication, we have contact between our teams on a daily basis.

These unique features will help you achieving complex objectives.

We have specialists for inventory, development and professional services.

EasyData NSK has customers in Russia, (Latin) America and (Middle) East.

















Document efficiency!

A wide range of IT experts consults us for document related issues for years with various requests.
This characterizes our specialty in which manufacturers and consultants know how to find us.

EasyData has specialists available for:
Document scanning
Machine Learning algorithms
(Face) recognition technology
Document and Data Conversion
Data Capture and Data Analyses
OCR & ICR, tuned on your specifications
Company process analysis and resolution

Experts can be linked to your existing team, remotely or on location.
EasyData can increase your Flexible Shell of specialists with periods of just one month.
In addition we can change the expertise of specialists as your project change over time.






Routine work

Invoice or order automation is part of our standard work.

As soon as there is insight into your research question,
We present free solution evaluation, typical of our approach!

Complex technology and the Cloud
Document classification establishments can be quite difficult,
Sometimes previously jammed processes come to our attention.
Challenges that suit us.

Numbers can be large
Processing 1,000,000 pages per day is no exception for EasyData.
At the same time we keep you GDPR compliance in mind.
EasyData is used to work with confidential data and...
We can develop a suitable protocol for your project!




Your best option, hire a specialist!

Do you need a developer for document related tasks? EasyData delivers!
EasyData provides a specialized programmer for a short or longer period of time.

ABBYY, SharePoint, M-Files and related solutions are our specialty.
An EasyData programmer guarantee that your development will be completed on time.
During our preliminary process, our expertise ensures connection to your work process.

Work is preferably carried out remotely, personal presence is not required.
Thanks to our Agile working method, our colleagues deliver consistent results.

Our programmers feel connected to our company and prefer working at EasyData.
Product innovation and the realization of complex customer issues are our drive and ambition.
Your benefit, fixed costs of highly qualified Engineers help you achieve your goals!