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We started innovating on input management solutions in 1999.

Our resolution power for practical solutions is the factor of our success.

Carefully listening to our customers has proved to be the best input.

EasyData aims to be most innovative player in Document Management Solutions.

Driven by your wishes we provide you the best approach to automate your workflow.









Save with innovative document solutions

EasyData is the innovative leader in the part of data recognition.
Our stable solutions are at a friendly price, combined with good service.
Our ambition is to be catched in the values below:

Personal Attention
• Customer wishes are central
• EasyData represents an enthusiastic team
• We are always looking for cooperation with all stakeholders
• Individual solutions without losing us in custom work
• Try a free testversion to try out our service

Multifunctional software
• Generic Capture Solutions
• Looking at the future of Data Capture
• Surpricing technics with own algorithms
• Implementation is easy

Easy Use
• EasyData software is accesible for everyone
• User-friendliness hides our complex algorithms
• Our solutions connect to every system

Interesting Price
• We offer software solutions with a clear costs and benefits balance
• Annual service fee is relative to your solutions


The future

Easydata stands for continuously applied innovations.
At this moment we are working on technology of tomorrow.

Are you interrested in our solutions?
Do you have document issues you think no-one can solve?
Contact us, we can look at a solution together!

Our software is capable of classifying all your Documents.


  EasyData wants to be leading in the field of input management solutions in the widest meaning of the word.

This involves as well digital conversion of paper documents and structuring digital information.

We treat our customers, partners and employees with respect with starting point a long relation.

Our added value proves itself by fast realization of exceptional customer wishes for a reasonable price.

EasyData is a customer driven organization and the employees get their motivation from exited customers.

This way we are capable of a creative way to combine innovative techniques to quality products.

EasyData is an organisation based on research, creativity, durability and quality.