The UBL solution

Generate an UBL XML conform EU-Guidelines with PDF document without hassle.
Just like sending a document to the printer, electronic invoicing without worries!

The big difference with other suppliers is the way of installation at no costs.
It’s not more than redirecting your printer output to produce an UBL XML with PDF.

Does your company use an older ERP system that can’t deal with electronic invoicing?
No problem, with our UBL XML and PDF solution you can start modern invoicing today.

You send invoices to your clients who need to type these numbers manually to their system?
Today most systems understand UBL format and can handle invoices without manually typing.

With UBL XML you send computer readable invoices to your clients as a friendly way of invoicing.
Easy, with Print2Process you add the company lay-out automatically to the digital send invoices.

Print2Process is used for ERP or other invoicing systems that does not support modern invoicing.
The EasyData UBL solution works for small, medium and large companies.

If you want to generate a detailed UBL XML with PDF to be compliant, you came to the right site!

Print2Process is turning service upside down!

Imagine a situation where all invoicing information is genuinely digital.
As soon as an invoice is converted to PDF, a (UBL) XML is also immediately created.
This can be directly read by the computer.

Easy for the employee involved,
as they no longer have to manually input data.

This administratively ideal world is sadly not a reality yet in most companies,
but it is getting closer than you might think.

If the existing application cannot produce UBL, Print2Process assumes this task.
This unique product automatically converts all invoicing information to a PDF and UBL XML.
The only action on the user’s part is the selection of a different (PDF) printer driver!

It’s also useful for self-employed persons or small entrepreneurs who like to send invoices from Word or Excel.

Print2Process gives these invoices a professional look with more added value.
This way of sending invoices provides the client with a positive feeling after business is concluded:

- invoice processing at no cost!
- Invoice processing processes can be quite costly.
- Firstly because invoicing data is not supplied digitally.
- Then the invoice structure turns out to be too complex for standard invoice processing.
- Then you require EasyData specialists to make headway with this in an automatic process.
- With Print2Process, delivery is changed, and the sending party always sends a machine-readable invoice.
- Without having to use complex algorithms or external parties.